Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Constant and Never Ending Improvement is not only the best strategy for developing skills(school,sports,work, weight loss) in any activity, it is the only way that works. The Japanese call it KIAZEN and use this philosophy in all areas of life. The problem with most people is they are in to big a hurry to get there. A good example is weight loss or beginning a exercise program. They want to make up for lost time. When someone finally decides to lose that 50lbs. they will cut their calorie intake a third or even half,try to run a mile, then go lift weights. Even though I may be exaggerating a bit, I think you know what I mean. This approach NEVER works, except to create frustation and a mind set that it is just to hard or that it can't even be done. This strategie is doomed from day one. The fastest way to progress is slowly. Do not put your self in dietary prison or in a boot camp if you have not exercised in years. What does work and gives the subject a real sense of success is to take the tactic of under do, under do, under do! Create good habits then progress (slowly). Doing it this way will put you on the right track from the start. You will feel smart about this strategy, and see slow but continual improvement. Take some measurements. You will need to journal your bodyweight and workouts. This way of thinking will also work in any other area of your life. Set some goals, short and long term, yet do it so that you can win the game of CANI. I knew of a man who was 100lbs. overweight and had very little physical strength when he started his running program. He began by running two mail boxes away (about 50yds.) and over a period of two years he lost the 100lbs. and was running Marathons. I myself have trained people (yes more than one) who have never lifted weights, started them very slowly, and watched as they worked there way to a World Championship. What could you do with a strategy like this?

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